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Seminarhotel Lihn, 8757 Filzbach (GL)

Seminarhotel Lihn

95 beds

Eastern Switzerland
700 m above sea level
centre of town/village

Membership-no. K-0405-0333

Seminarhotel Lihn - Filzbach (Glarus, Switzerland)

To work and enjoy in a beautiful and stimulating environment -
sustainable, in harmony with nature, caring and at an ideal price.

The Seminarhotel Lihn is an inspiring meeting place where one feels at ease, exchanges experiences, enjoys and stocks up with new energy. Upgraded and expanded with a magnificient panoramic view of the Walensee and the surrounding mountains, the Seminarhotel Lihn offers also integrative workplaces and education on a high level to people with a handicap. To organise holidays or a course in this environment means to do a good deed - for oneself and for others!

Extras: GoûtMieux- and alpinavera-label, free WLAN, park with playfield and huge trampolin; chairlift, summer tobogggan run, scooter, rope garden.


  • 18 rooms with 1 bed, thereof 14 with bath/WC
  • 23 rooms with 2 beds, thereof 15 with bath/WC
  • 2 rooms with 3 beds
  • 6 larger rooms with a maximum of 25 beds
  • 20 wheelchair accessible beds

Type of catering:

  • bed & breakfast
  • half board
  • full board
  • tea break


  • Seminar house
  • 1 meeting room for 10 peolpe comprising 16 m²
  • 2 meeting rooms for 12 peolpe comprising 20 m²
  • 1 meeting room for 60 peolpe comprising 80 m²
  • 1 meeting room for 60 peolpe comprising 80 m² separable into 2 sections
  • 1 common room for 15 peolpe comprising 15 m²
  • 1 common room for 50 peolpe comprising 70 m²
  • 1 dining room for 125 peolpe comprising 140 m²


  • access is possible by public transport
  • access to the house is possible by privat car
  • access to the house is possible by bus/coach
  • 50 parking lots for cars, thereof 3 suited for buses


  • on the ski slopes or in ski resort
  • local sports hall
  • playground for ball games
  • adventure playground
  • close to water (river, pond, etc.)
Theme Travel

Seminars / Wintersport / Religion/Spirituality / Music/Orchestra / / Families/Small Groups / Senior Citizens / Disabled / Nonsmoker

Neighbouring localities Altitude Aerial distance
Obstalden 685 m above sea level 1.9 km
Weesen 423 m above sea level 2.6 km
Amden 908 m above sea level 3.1 km
Mühlehorn 426 m above sea level 3.5 km
Mollis 445 m above sea level 5.1 km
Ziegelbrücke 423 m above sea level 5.1 km
Quinten 434 m above sea level 6.8 km
Murg 427 m above sea level 6.8 km
Quarten 548 m above sea level 8.8 km
Unterterzen 425 m above sea level 9.4 km
Oberterzen 665 m above sea level 10.0 km
Mols 427 m above sea level 11.7 km
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